Tuesday, 13 September 2016

International Korfball Rankings released

Korfball Rankings released by International Korfball Federation
The International Korfball Federation has released updated world rankings. Some significant changes are there. Belgium, China, Czech Republic and Germany have changed positions and so have Catalonia, Portugal and Australia. World champions The Netherlands is at tops. Chinese Taipei is second, England is third.
 "... The rankings are next due to be updated in November following the IKF European Korfball Championship and IKF Asia Korfball Championship.
The IKF rankings at the end of this year will be used to make the draw for the 2017 World Games, which are scheduled to take place from July 20 to 30. ..."
"... With some continental championships changing from four-yearly to biennial cycles, weighting reductions are due to be revised in November to reflect this. ..."
Find this at http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1040937/international-korfball-federation-releases-updated-world-rankings .

There are the updated IKF world rankings. The order is
Ranking, Country, Country Code, Points
1 Netherlands NED 359.500
2 Chinese Taipei TPE 339.000
3 England ENG 312.750
4 Belgium BEL 293.000
5 China CHN 288.250
6 Czech Rep. CZE 281.500
7 Germany GER 278.500
8 Catalonia CAT 246.000
9 Portugal POR 245.250
10 Hong Kong China HKG 243.500
11 Hungary HUN 241.000
12 Russia RUS 227.500
13 Australia AUS 224.500
14 Poland POL 219.750
15 South Africa RSA 210.250
16 Turkey TUR 174.000
17 Scotland SCO 159.500
18 Ireland IRE 148.250
19 Brazil BRA 145.250
20 Serbia SRB 144.000
21 New Zealand NZL 141.000
22 Malaysia MAS 139.500
23 Slovakia SVK 136.750
24 Zimbabwe ZIM 126.000
25 Wales WAL 110.250
26 Korea KOR 107.500
27 Sweden SWE 100.000
28 Macau China MAC 99.750
29 France FRA 92.000
30 Colombia COL 85.750
31 Greece GRE 79.500
32 Japan JPN 76.250
33 Romania ROU 66.250
34 Zambia ZAM 59.250
35 India IND 49.500
36 Dominican Rep. DOM 46.000
37 Indonesia INA 41.750
38 Phillipines PHI 32.000
39 Mexico MEX 31.500
40 Malawi MAW 28.500
41 Armenia ARM 11.000
42 Luxembourg LUX 10.000
42 United States USA 10.000
44 Costa Rica CRC 9.000
45 Italy ITA 7.000
46 Bulgaria BUL 5.000
47 Singapore SIN 4.000
48 Cyprus CYP 3.000
48 Nepal NEP 3.000
48 Pakistan PAK 3.000
51 Argentina ARG 1.000
51 Aruba ARU 1.000
51 Belarus BLR 1.000
51 Bosnia & Herzegovina BIH 1.000
51 Botswana BOT 1.000
51 Cameroun CMR 1.000
51 Canada CAN 1.000
51 Croatia CRO 1.000
51 Curacao CUR 1.000
51 Finland FIN 1.000
51 Georgia GEO 1.000
51 Ghana GHA 1.000
51 Ivory Coast CIV 1.000
51 Mongolia MGL 1.000
51 Sri Lanka SRI 1.000
51 Switzerland SUI 1.000
Source for the above list is a page whose link is provided on the page whose link is provided earlier on this post.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Rowing Four Under 23 World Best Time USA

Rowing - Four - Under 23 World Best Time by USA Team.
They say this is the largest international regatta ever. The USA Team won the gold medal and set the world best time in Rowing Women four event in Under 23 age group. The Dutch were favourites but they were overtaken soon. But they had to prepare for the next one the next day to race the eight.

"... Finishing in 6:27.28, Sarah Dougherty (Kent, Wash.), Regina Salmons (Methuen, Mass.), Gia Doonan (Rochester, Mass.) and Kendall Brewer (Austin, Texas) broke the previous world-best time set by Germany in 2011 by 7.13 seconds. ..."
"... "We have a really good five hundred focus move to hit our base," said stroke seat Dougherty. "We are very confident in our first 250, and regardless of what happens, we come together and focus in after the first five hundred meters to really crush our base speed." ..."
"... It has a lot to do with the people back at home and everyone who went to camp. This medal is just a reflection of all the work that everyone ..."
"... Canada led the entire way down the course, winning in a 7:07.49. Italy used an impressive sprint to take the silver medal. ..."
"... place in the men's four final with ... Austria held off Great Britain to win gold, while New Zealand made a furious push to secure the bronze medal by 0.83 seconds. ..."
"...  place in the men's four with coxswain final. New Zealand claimed the gold, with Italy and Australia taking silver and bronze.
"... the lightweight men's pair ... Switzerland, Greece and Turkey took home the medals. ..."
Find this at http://www.row2k.com/news/8-26-2016/Under-23-Women-s-Four-Wins-Gold-and-World-Best-Time/103363/ .

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Rio Olympics. Great Britain finishes second.

Rio Olympics 2016. Team Great Britain finishes Second.
Article discusses how the world media reacted to Great Britain finishing second at the Rio Olympics. There is a light hearted comparison between Spanish and British sportspersons. A French newspaper says the English system is ultra elitist. It says funding is withdrawn when a sports discipline fails. .. British fair play is over? .. Article says China is licking its wounds. They say that Britain wants to forget the lone gold medal that it won in Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.
"... Team GB is back from Rio with a fantastic haul of gold, silver and bronze. We’ve beaten China to the second spot in the medal table; not bad for a rainy apologetic island with a population of 64 million (compare that with China’s 1.3bn).
Yup, we’ve all turned into smug union-jack waving Olympic enthusiasts in the wake of Rio, even if we’d rather watch sport than play it. No wonder some of the other competing nations have taken umbrage with our newfound Olympic success. ..."
"... Delightful, considering their awful fashion sense
There was praise in Argentina for the UK’s marked improvement after the Atlanta Games, but criticism for the fashion choices.
La Nacion described Team GB’s achievements as: “The delightful results of one of the delegations with the least attractive clothing in Rio 2016.”
Brutal and heartbreaking
El Pais said Britain has a “brutal and heartbreaking system” when it comes to ..."
Find this at https://inews.co.uk/essentials/sport/olympics/countries-saying-team-gb .

Monday, 5 September 2016

Baseball Junior Little League World Series.

Baseball Junior Little League World Series - 13- 14- Year old Division.
Chinese Taipei Team wins Title. Hawaii Team Second.
This is the fourth consecutive year that Shing-Ming Junior Little League won. They beat Kawaihau Little League all-stars from Hawaii for the 13 and 14 year old division of the Little League Baseball.
"... the Junior League Baseball World Series held in Taylor’s Heritage Park.
The Shing-Ming Junior Little League team from Taoyuan defeated the Kawaihau Little League all-stars from Kapaa, Hawaii, 9-1, on Sunday to earn the world championship ..."
"... The game was hardly in doubt as the talented Chinese Taipei team rolled through the Asia-Pacific region, went 5-0 in Taylor, outscored JLWS opponents 43-4 and extended a World Series winning streak to 25 games, stretching back to 2012.
The World Series appearance in Taylor was the seventh straight by teams from Chinese Taipei. During that time, the Asia-Pacific champions have won five world championships. The Shing-Ming all-stars also won in 2013. ..."
"... World Series officials, players, coaches and fans praised the JLWS grounds crew and other volunteers for their extensive work on the field, even if the work was spoiled by additional rain. ..."
"... The Junior League World Series is the “older brother” of the more famous Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. Little League is for 12-year-olds; the JLWS attracts the best teams of 13- and 14-year-olds from around the globe. ..."
"... The series started in 1981 with four American teams and has been in Taylor since.
The Junior League series has grown steadily, expanding to international regions and growing in the United States as well. With the addition of the National champion of Australia, this year’s field of 11 teams was the largest in the 36-year history of the event. Greg Bzura has been tournament director since year one. ..."
"... The International teams represented the Asia-Pacific (Chinese Taipei), Australia (Cronulla Little League in Sydney, New South Wales), Europe/Africa (South Czech Republic Little League in Brno, Czech Republic), Canada (Southwest Little League in Lethbridge, Alberta) and Mexico (Linda Vista Little League in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon). ..."
"... Volunteering at the World Series in Taylor “was a great experience,” he said. “I’ve met a lot of really great people. I plan on coming back. The great thing about the Little League volunteer experience is it becomes family. You can always go home. I have a new home. I can always come back.” "
Find this at http://www.thenewsherald.com/articles/2016/08/23/sports/doc57bc7261dd76c849226677.txt and then go to links at the bottom of that page for continued reading on their set.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Motorcycle Wheelie World Record by Egbert Van Popta. 213.309 mph.

Motorcycle Wheelie. 213.309 miles per hour. World Record
"New Motorcycle Wheelie World Champion Egbert Van Popta". Find Video on the page whose link is provided below.
"... The new Motorcycle Wheelie World Champion Egbert Van Popta, Netherlands stunned the crowd with a run at 214.669mph but just dropped the front wheel down between the timing beams for a fail so over 210 mph was looking a distinct possibility. Sure enough, Egbert didn’t disappoint with 213.309mph to set a new motorcycle wheelie world record. A huge cheer went up from the crowd and Egbert was congratulated on his return to the pits by previous record holder Gary Rothwell from Liverpool. Gary was indeed second quickest on 206.049mph, just shy of his 200.8mph record. Third in the competition, all the way from Minneapolis USA, was Cecil “Bubba” Myers on his third visit to the event. He astonished everyone with a stunning new personal best close to 200mph with a 197mph, his previous a 134.4mph. There were 15 successfully completing a Kilometre wheelie. ..."
Find this at http://blog.motorcycle.com/2016/08/23/events/new-motorcycle-wheelie-world-championship .