Saturday, 3 September 2016

Motorcycle Wheelie World Record by Egbert Van Popta. 213.309 mph.

Motorcycle Wheelie. 213.309 miles per hour. World Record
"New Motorcycle Wheelie World Champion Egbert Van Popta". Find Video on the page whose link is provided below.
"... The new Motorcycle Wheelie World Champion Egbert Van Popta, Netherlands stunned the crowd with a run at 214.669mph but just dropped the front wheel down between the timing beams for a fail so over 210 mph was looking a distinct possibility. Sure enough, Egbert didn’t disappoint with 213.309mph to set a new motorcycle wheelie world record. A huge cheer went up from the crowd and Egbert was congratulated on his return to the pits by previous record holder Gary Rothwell from Liverpool. Gary was indeed second quickest on 206.049mph, just shy of his 200.8mph record. Third in the competition, all the way from Minneapolis USA, was Cecil “Bubba” Myers on his third visit to the event. He astonished everyone with a stunning new personal best close to 200mph with a 197mph, his previous a 134.4mph. There were 15 successfully completing a Kilometre wheelie. ..."
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