Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Rowing Four Under 23 World Best Time USA

Rowing - Four - Under 23 World Best Time by USA Team.
They say this is the largest international regatta ever. The USA Team won the gold medal and set the world best time in Rowing Women four event in Under 23 age group. The Dutch were favourites but they were overtaken soon. But they had to prepare for the next one the next day to race the eight.

"... Finishing in 6:27.28, Sarah Dougherty (Kent, Wash.), Regina Salmons (Methuen, Mass.), Gia Doonan (Rochester, Mass.) and Kendall Brewer (Austin, Texas) broke the previous world-best time set by Germany in 2011 by 7.13 seconds. ..."
"... "We have a really good five hundred focus move to hit our base," said stroke seat Dougherty. "We are very confident in our first 250, and regardless of what happens, we come together and focus in after the first five hundred meters to really crush our base speed." ..."
"... It has a lot to do with the people back at home and everyone who went to camp. This medal is just a reflection of all the work that everyone ..."
"... Canada led the entire way down the course, winning in a 7:07.49. Italy used an impressive sprint to take the silver medal. ..."
"... place in the men's four final with ... Austria held off Great Britain to win gold, while New Zealand made a furious push to secure the bronze medal by 0.83 seconds. ..."
"...  place in the men's four with coxswain final. New Zealand claimed the gold, with Italy and Australia taking silver and bronze.
"... the lightweight men's pair ... Switzerland, Greece and Turkey took home the medals. ..."
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