Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Rio Olympics. Great Britain finishes second.

Rio Olympics 2016. Team Great Britain finishes Second.
Article discusses how the world media reacted to Great Britain finishing second at the Rio Olympics. There is a light hearted comparison between Spanish and British sportspersons. A French newspaper says the English system is ultra elitist. It says funding is withdrawn when a sports discipline fails. .. British fair play is over? .. Article says China is licking its wounds. They say that Britain wants to forget the lone gold medal that it won in Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.
"... Team GB is back from Rio with a fantastic haul of gold, silver and bronze. We’ve beaten China to the second spot in the medal table; not bad for a rainy apologetic island with a population of 64 million (compare that with China’s 1.3bn).
Yup, we’ve all turned into smug union-jack waving Olympic enthusiasts in the wake of Rio, even if we’d rather watch sport than play it. No wonder some of the other competing nations have taken umbrage with our newfound Olympic success. ..."
"... Delightful, considering their awful fashion sense
There was praise in Argentina for the UK’s marked improvement after the Atlanta Games, but criticism for the fashion choices.
La Nacion described Team GB’s achievements as: “The delightful results of one of the delegations with the least attractive clothing in Rio 2016.”
Brutal and heartbreaking
El Pais said Britain has a “brutal and heartbreaking system” when it comes to ..."
Find this at https://inews.co.uk/essentials/sport/olympics/countries-saying-team-gb .